Bishop P. O. Rodgers

This week, Bishop teaches from Acts 1:4-8 on the Holy Spirit. In this passage of Scripture, the disciples were assembled together in Jerusalem. Jesus commanded them not to leave until the Promise of the Father was fulfilled. This means they could not leave until they were baptized with the Holy Spirit. John, the Baptist, baptizes with water, but Jesus was speaking of a new kind of Baptism. Baptism was an outward sign of commitment, however, to be effective, it had to be accompanied by an inward change of attitude leading to a changed life. That type of change can only be done by the Holy Spirit. The disciples were together, but were not released to do with work of the ministry, because they had not yet understood the power of the Holy Spirit. This is a crucial lesson for us. We pray as you listen to this message, you will gain a deeper understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit.


- Bishop P. O.

Bishop P. O.  founded our church over 30 years ago with his wife Pastor Barbara. He has a strong passion to teach the word of God with boldness and without fear. Bishop has served the public, not only as pastor, but also as a police officer for 32 years. His goal is to see the will of God fulfilled in every person and to live out his full calling in Christ.