Bishop P. O. Rodgers

How We Recieve Sight - 3/20/22 - Speaker: Bishop P. O. Rodgers

Confirming Your Calling

Catch up on what you missed from this amazing message. See how things have not changed so much from Peter's time to the present. Make your calling and election sure!!!

Supplementing Your Faith (2)

In the second part of this amazing series we learn believers are to "grow in the grace and knowledge" of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. If we claim salvation with no change, we lack the understanding of faith or what God has done for us...

Supplementing Your Faith

In part one of this series, we find God gives His children all we need to live godly lives, but we must apply ourselves and be diligent to use the "means of grace" He has provided. Spiritual growth is not automatic. Christ gives us the power and the divine nature, but we must make use of that power by making every effort to set aside our sinful desires and activities...